Bellandur - Building a Micro-ecosystem for business

Bangalore has transformed India as a world business hub in Asian markets. Today, Bangalore is one of the hottest investment attractions in Asia and that is the result of its well-established business ecosystem. The rise of the B-schools, IT hubs, and entrepreneurial culture in Bangalore has transformed it as the biggest business ecosystem in India, while other big cities in India follow the same path. Bangalore has created this ecosystem by creating micro-ecosystems within itself and one of which is Bellandur. Bellandur has one of the finest business ecosystems in Bangalore and the presence of multiple business sectors and industries facilitate the growth of businesses in this region.

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The culture of promoting innovation and technology has always been a key factor to accelerate the growth of businesses. Events like NASSCOM Product Conclave enables businesses to share ideas and creates an entrepreneurial spirit. The recent NASSCOM event in Bellandur has a significant impact on the elements of its micro-ecosystem. The culture, entrepreneurial spirit, educational institutions, and strong presence of players from multiple sectors in Belandur have created a great opportunity for growing businesses. GEMS B-School in Bellandur, one of the leading B-Schools in India, and the presence of several Tech Parks such as RMZ eco-space, Cessna Business Park, Prestige Tech Park, Embassy Tech Village, have contributed cities strong IT ecosystem. While on the other hand, the rapid growth in Health Care sector, by giant players such as Columbia Asia HospitalandSakra Hospital have fuelled the market towards fast-paced growth.

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The recent ecological concerns regarding The Bellandur Lake have risen a pro-ecological attitude among the business and industries. The Bellandur lake is the best example, which illustrates how real problems can be solved with a strong enterprise ecosystem, by establishing business and government partnership. The micro-ecosystem in Bellandur have enabled new opportunities for growth and innovation for Bangalore.

Just a decade ago Bellandur was just a suburban area and the rate of infrastructural developments was limited and slow, with the rapidly growing city Bellandur has transformed into an IT Corridor. Along with its populating residence, local market, this region has seen a rapid Infrastructural transformation and has become one of the biggest business eco-system in Bangalore. Following the footsteps of the city and Bellandur region, Hospitality Industry caught up the pace which boosted and supported the development of the region further as and when business-tourism grew. Today presence of corporate hotels has made Belandur highly attractive for the business events like NASSCOM conclave, Tech exhibitions, and more such events.

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Hotel Worldtree, Bellandur, Bangalore, aims to provide the best experience at the center of Bangalore’s Business ecosystem with its strategic location and dedicated services. As a corporate hotel, we at Hotel Worldtree, Bellandur, Bangalore, aim to bring an experience, and ambiance for a successful business visit for our guests. Our hotel is located in Bellandur and is situated just 3 kilometers away from RMZ eco-space, Just 4.7 kilometers away from Cessna Business Park, and close to many other major business hubs. Our strategic location enables us to offer unmatched easy access to the major business hubs in Bangalore.